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Sunday, May 28, 2006

YAY! For Sundays

I've had a fairly interesting Sunday. First to start it off my Youth Group was playing Sharks & Minnows and it seems I'm more out of shape than I thought. My lungs are still sore and my legs are still a little shakey >_<

The second thing that I'd like to share is that Sarah brought her boyfriend Chris (I'm pretty he's her boyfriend and named Chris), to church this week and before our lesson Chris was saying something, I wasn't really paying attention, and Sarah gets up, walks over to him, and says something close to this:
Sarah: You need to stop cussing.
Chris: I wasn't cussing!
Sarah: Up here. *shakes Chris' head*

And I was thinking about how awesome it would be to have a friend that'd be able to know everything you're doing and thinking and be able to poke you and say "Yo, you need to stop that." when ever you're falling into lust or lying or cussing.

It'd be extremely annoying and embarrasing, but it would be great to know that they care about you and love you enough to try and get you to quit.
(Note: I'm not accusing anyone of being a bad friend or anything, if anyone was thinking that, just pointing out that it would be nice to have someone be able to do that.)

I had a third thing I wanted to post but.... I don't feel like going over it a gazillion times to get it right since it's an anology and my memory is teh suck! >_<

Maybe I'll post it later, either way....


Thursday, May 25, 2006

I'm so 1996!

YAY! For reviews! YAY! For iframes!

Yes, that's right folks, I've added a brand-new review section to my website and am using iframes (GPC doesn't like frames for some reason) to make it all cool and self contained!

Dispite how Preston says frames are "so 1996" I think they're actually pretty neat. At least they work for Google Page Creator well enough. Partially because they let you have a single page that can display a lot of information that's all editable on your computer.

For more information on frames you can check out this site:

And also to see frames in action you can check out my site!
(^ Shameless advertising)

That's all for now, mostly just a post to announce I actually got a review section made. ^_^

A Reviewer

Wednesday, May 24, 2006


Whew, what a relief! I'm even late for todays! (11:57! >_<) Not to mention I just scraped a whole post because it seemed like too much fluff and not enough stuff (<3 Lily) and I thought to myself "Boy this post seems empty, void, of even a mere mention of God dispite all the wonderful things He's been doing in me this week." And so as I was going to try and fit a little paragraph in at the end I deicded to rewrite the whole thing!

So to start I'd like to post a verse I found in my Google Feeder from the English Standard Version Bible website:
Psalms 55:17
Evening and morning and at noon
I utter my complaint and moan,
and he hears my voice.

This verse really stuck out to me because of all the complaining I do everyday, even when things are going pretty well. It's a reminder that not only do I complain to much, but also that God is always listening to everything and say with my lips and think with my mind. I need to be working on thinking more about the good God is doing and praising him for that even in the tough times.

Anyway, I just felt I had to say something more than "God is cool because my week's been going well." at the end of my post. ^_^;;

Oh, I also took the most adorable picture of my doggie, Lilly (double L), perching on the desk facing the front yard which I'll post once I get around to staging a Coup De Ta of Andrew's computer and his SD Card reader! =3

I also am going to be working on a reviw section of my website ( for Books and Video Games, possibly even Anime/Movies, though I'm not sure about that. So be looking for more information about that in the reletivly near future (a.k.a. By the weekend).

That's prety much all I have to say for this post I suppose, so I'll let you all go back to your lives and remember to thank God for something good in them too! Chao!

The Rewriter

Monday, May 22, 2006


First off I'd like to say, don't think I've gone nuts, because I know all this will sounds rather strange coming from me and just in general. It actually sounds like a fiction novel but, untill I've had more time to talk to Sarah (that's the girl I talked about yesterday ("Normie" ^_^)), I believe it.

I don't know what she said exactly but whatever it was, Sarah has really made me start thinking about life differently. The most "notable" difference, I suppose you could say, is the fact I've actually started caring about my yard. For those of you who don't know me or havent seen my yard, well.... there's almost no grass in it because I haven't been watering it, because I didn't care.

She said that dispite common belief, Nature is alive and can speak to you, just not like we're used to, a.k.a. an Ent. I'm not entirly sure -how- it's alive but God gave it life like He did Humans and that out of ignorance and Human idiocy and sin we're destroying it and in the end Nature will sacrifice itself to save us.

One thing Sarah said was that whenever someone picks a flower apart, or pulls a leaf of a tree and rips it to shreds, she can hear Nature crying, sense and feel it's pain in the fact the wind changes and that the tree starts to droop. Most people don't notice these changes because they're not paying attention and/or don't really care.

Sarah, also talked about how one thing people don't do is explore. As Humans all we do is grow little plants and food. We take Nature for granted. She pointed out some ants that were crawling over a tree we were standing under, and that they are always exploring their little world and never waste the resources they take to live.

Looking at how I've let my yard just die really made that stand out. All I'm doing is sitting in my home being on the computer consuming paper and food, often being wasteful of it and so the very least I could care for my little part of Nature instead of letting it pile up with junk.

On a more general side talking to Sarah has also made me think about how I don't really -do- anything. I don't really do my school, I don't pay attention to the laundry, I don't take care of myself, and and I don't enjoy Nature for what it is, sometime I'm even going to start walking my dog!

Hopefully I'll get a chance to talk to Sarah again next week because she's incredbly interesting. Then I can write more long posts like this one! ^_^

A Normie.

Sunday, May 21, 2006

Blog of a Normie

Yeah, I've decided I need to start a new blog. My old one just seemed filled with pointless stuff about Nintendo and icky crap like that. So yeah, I'm trying to get away from it and I've got Great Expectations for this blog.

And yes, I did think of the name from that stupid Garfield commercial that tends to play on Sunday nights, and even though I hate the thing the name sounds right for now while I think of a new name and all.

As for the URL, which I'm sure you're all wondering about, I got that from a conversation I had today with a girl at my church who has the ability to sense the spiritual world (that's as good a descirption as I have right now) and she and her friends call anyone who can't a "Normie" and being a Normie I think it's pretty neat so.... yeah! That's my url for now since I don't expect to suddenly not be a Normie, it'll probably be my URL for a while ^_^