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Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Children in the Movies

I saw this article link thingy on that had a picture of the kid in "The Omen" and it makes me wonder who are the parents of the little 7-year old boy that they let him play the role of who I'm pretty sure is the Anti-Christ? I mean that's got to be a pretty intense role to play even for an adult, much less a child.

Not to mention the fact he's basically playing a character that's you know.... pure evil. That's got to have a long lasting impact on a 7-year old's mind.

Now, I'm not quite sure how you'd set this up, but I think there should be protections for children younger than 13 or whatever so even if their parent's consent to letting them be in a movie they wouldn't be able to play star roles in certain movies that could be potentially harmful to them.

After all, people say that playing violent video games causes violence in children and that they shouldn't be allowed to buy them, I don't see how staring in a horror movie could be any better for them.

Now, I haven't seen The Omen, and I don't really care to, so maybe it's not as bad as the trailer portray it, but for the moment that's how I see things.




Blogger Dana said...

Something about kids in scary The Shining, there's this little kid who starts seeing creepy stuff, right? Well, the director made it so the kid didn't know he was in a horror movie until after the movie came out. I dunno how he did it, but it's a smart idea, I think.

6/11/2006 1:07 PM  
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