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Sunday, June 04, 2006

Bi-Wii-kly Maybe

Even though this still wouldn't be a Bi-Wii-kly post.... I think I might change to that anyway, since I'd have even more trouble keeping up with it than I already am. So.... yeah!

Anyway, I'm hopefully going to be getting a job at "The Flying W Ranch" which is an Old Western Style Mini Town Place that you can walk around in and shop and everything, then if it's bad weather outside you go sit down in this big building that's packed full of Picinic Benches, other wise you sit in a big courtyard area before getting in a line to get either Brisket or Chicken (or if you paid more Steak), Baked Beans, a Potato, two biscuts, Apple Sauce, and a slice of spice cake. Oh and you can have Iced Tea, Black Coffee, Lemonaid, or water.

So anyway, after you get like.... 30-45 minutes to eat then you get to watch a bunch of skits and stuff. Then you go home full!

So yeah, I would have been interviewed today but the interviewer person had the day off >_< So maybe tomorrow, we'll see. I'd really like to work there because A) Andrew's worked there for about a year now, B) Brian now works there, and C) It'd have been really easy to get a job there since I've got Andrew to vouch for me!

Oh, and I want to wear a cowboy hat! ^_^