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Saturday, July 01, 2006

My Opera?

What a concept! Me + Opera = Neato!

However..... Me + Opera + My Existing Blog = Holy Wowza!

Yes, this is what My Opera can do. It can import your blog from Blogger! And I'm pretty sure you can do it over and over, it's just more of a hassle after the first time. Not to mention I'd say My Opera has a cleaner, more user friendly interface (though much less customizable since you can't desgin the entire page from scratch).

Anyway, I'm still thinking about whether or not I should transfer my blog entirely to My Opera, just import the Blogger version each time I post, or just not use My Opera at all.

This is the question I leave to you, the readers.

The Pros to moving half way:
- A photo album to put my sunset pictures in.
- Two different looks.
- Still having a semi-simple url.

The Cons:
- A longer url.(This one really only applys if I move totally.)

Those are really the only things I can think of.... But even still, I want you guys to choose. I can always get an redirect link or something....

Anyway, here's a link to my other blog:
My Other Blog

Though, please go through this link too:
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Deathfully yours,
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